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Do You Have A Wellington Boot Mindset?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

This is my puddle and I use it as a metaphor for my life. To the left (behind the bushes) is the long way round safely, to the right is a quicker but slightly slippery route with brambles. I used to take either route, depending on the weather conditions and turn back if we had a dry spell but it was unexpectedly still too muddy.


Because I played everything safe. This meant cutting the bridle path walk short or walking roadside, neither of which my dog appreciated. So rather than avoiding the bridle path altogether on wet days I invested in some decent wellingtons and some nice warm liner socks and puddle jump instead. We get to the nature reserve at the end of the path quicker, the dog has more areas to investigate and I get more exercise. It’s win win.

The puddle is a barrier not more. Do you take the long slower route to negotiate barriers, turn back when things get challenging or ‘Be Like Nixon’ and me and just jump in and enjoy the experience, know you will learn something even if things don’t go to plan? Knowing you can dust yourself off and pick up where you left off?

Do you have a wellington boot mindset, prepared, durable and ready to take on the muddy stuff to get where you need to be?


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