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Intuition Is A Time Saver

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

You spend days and even weeks juggling between the options in front of you. All you really want to do is make the best decision,

There’s no data or time machine to rely on so it's stressing you out. Your gut instinct tells you to go one way, but you still hesitate. Indecisiveness can make some situations more difficult than they actually need to be and if we go against our gut instinct (aka intuition) the situation, or event, often stays on our minds. If there is no obvious answer and we resort to asking another person and that person does not share the same values and beliefs as us, their response may not be aligned with our intuition, which can lead to feelings of unease. Intuition played a huge part in my role as a clinical placement educator and now as a coach as well as in my private life.

It’s embedded in my leadership program as it’s also something I believe many organisations would benefit from promoting as it would demonstrate trust in employees to do the right thing and not procrastinate. Doing what feels right and avoiding overthinking is beneficial to our wellbeing as well as being time efficient. How much do you trust your intuition and do you actively encourage it in others?

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