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could Laughter be the new exercise for you?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Spotlight on Laughter
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It could be counterintuitive to always work in silence and not have a good laugh on work time.

Did you know that laughter has the potential to:

· Enhance motivation

· Improve engagement

· Combat stress

· Reduce performance related anxiety for public speaking

· Increase focus

· Improve physical health (results in similar bodily responses as when we exercise)

A University of Derby study showed an increase in the wellbeing of participants who played a one minute ‘Laughie’ (a smartphone recording of themselves laughing) three times a day for a week and those who had the lowest initial scores benefited the most.

Logically we know that laughter makes us feel good and connected and the latest lockdown (in the UK) is giving us little to laugh about. However, to me at least, this means it’s the best time to prioritise laughter – when we need it most. Laughter Yoga (not to be confused with Laughter Therapy) can be delivered face to face or online so working from home is not a barrier.

Is focused laughter missing from your workplace resilience toolbox? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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