The Coach

Rachel Townsend

Health and Wellbeing Life Coach and

HCPC Registered Occupational Therapist

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Life isn't always easy.  Often what we need to do to move forward isn't clear and, even when it is clear, we find it hard to implement.  But once we understand why we're finding it challenging, the 'doing' becomes so much easier.

Invest in your future by working with me to reset.  Whether it's following a life changing event or needing to move the dial on a current situation, such as your job, I'll help you find clarity, unshakeable self-belief and direction that leaves you feeling limitless.




Management training, wellbeing, mindful management, Life Hop Limited, mindfulness, coaching

Summer Times

It is truly a significant step you're taking right now and before we go any further - stop and acknowledge this moment.  You want change and you're taking action - a massive congrats from me.


There will be many times in your life when you need and or want outside help.  For example you might connect that new washing machine (with help from YouTube), but wouldn't run a new central heating system - you'd hire a plumber. 


So with your own goals in life, why wouldn't you seek guidance from someone that can really help you pin point what you're looking for.

Important Note - If you have a formal mental health diagnosis and are currently receiving therapy please discuss your desire for coaching with your mental health practitioner first to ensure it will not conflict with your treatment plan.

I don't believe in complex pricing plans and long tie in periods - these are not conducive to allowing free flowing change that will come from your time with me.

Zoom is the preferred platform for the sessions, but other platforms are available if required.

So, to become a client I like to have a call with you to get you know you better and we can use that call to make sure we'll work well together.  If we agree to move forward with the coaching we'll firm up a date and time for your first session.  At that point I'll email you some initial paperwork and reflective exercises (which ensures we make full use of our time from the very first hour) and an invoice the hour booked - which needs to be paid 48 hours in advance of the session starting. 

I do hope you get in touch, but if it isn't for you right please sign up to this site and enjoy the free resources.

Take care, Rachel x