Life Hop's Ethos

Deep down don't we all want to be the best version of ourselves?  By focusing on your own health and wellbeing you can begin to benefit from the changes to your body and mind will bring.  Sometimes its not about coaching or mentoring but simply about finding balance and happiness in an uncertain world or even identifying what you actually want from life. 

Making a change does require commitment and willingness to address change where it's needed.  I know this can be scary - otherwise you'd already be doing it, right?   This website has lots of free content, through articles, links and inspirational downloads and encourage to take a look around to learn more about improving your own health and wellbeing.


I want everyone to be able to have the tools and education to improve their health and wellness which is why this website commits to providing 100% free content.  If you have discovered an article or have something to share, please send your suggestions to  Also, please do share this website on your social media and make health and wellness a subject that people don't shy away but from but rather promote and discuss and be proud of.


If you find that you require a more hands approach and feel that one to one coaching is for you, then rest assured my approach is to provide a safe space so when you have an 'aha' moment and realise something uncomfortable you can move forward positively without judgement and recrimination.  We all make mistakes but the biggest mistake of all is getting stuck making the same mistakes over and over again.  I can help break that cycle by addressing thoughts, behaviours and habits that keep you stuck. 

My ethos and motivation is to support you to realise your full potential.  I ask you to be authentic and I am too.   Bring your A-game and I'll match it with mine.   

Reach out and book a no-obligation introductory call and have a chat.  When I say there is no obligation I really mean it.  I don't like or appreciate a 'hard sell' so I don't do it either.  If you feel that you have gained enough clarity from the chat, you've had a 'aha' moment and are confident in your next steps, then I'll be pleased to have helped you.  You can always come back to me if you decide you need support through your implementation phase.

Whether you utilise the resources here on the website or sign up for one to one coaching -The one thing I implore is that you do something, please do not say that you'll make changes tomorrow.  Successful people are those who recognise that change is required and take immediate, affirmative, committed action to create the life they truly desire.  

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